The problem with food blogs

First off, the good: Delicious photos and creative recipes, which encourage innovation and experimentation. Fabulous, generous people. Easy enough. Nothing to regret there.

The problem: the baked goods! oh, the baked goods. While I doubt there is any blogger who bakes everyday, everyday there are many talented people baking many wonderful things. And so, the list of things to make grows considerably faster than there are reasonable occasions to make them. For instance, just in the last week these recipes caught my eye:

  1. Chiffon cake.
  2. Plum cake.
  3. Granola Grabbers.
  4. Blueberry Pudding Cake.
  5. Chai Cupcakes.
  6. Blackberry Flummery (although not a baked good, it’s still dessert).

And this happens nearly every week. In my ever continuing efforts to avoid a heart attack/diabetes/morbid obesity, I try to exercise some restraint. I can’t bake everyday. (Or can I? )

Enter the machinations of the Unstoppable Sugar Fiend (a/k/a my dear mother.) Here’s a short story to illustrate how dangerous she is:

The other day, I made these blueberry crumb bars. I had considered halving the recipe because 9X13 makes an awful lot of irresistible crumble servings. But that would involve using 1/2 an egg, which seemed like a waste, blah blah blah. I convinced myself to make the whole thing. Figured I could freeze 1/2 of it or something. Anyway, I made them, and each of the incredibly tiny portions were delicious. Only hours after it cooled, we had already made a huge dent in the 9X13 pan.

I thought I’d do the generous thing and give a big chunk of the remainder to our neighbors, who have 5 kids and had just returned from overseas on vacation. When I mentioned this to the Fiend, she gasped and clutched at her heart. She looked at me as if I had suggested that we eat the neighborhood children, instead of feed them. She was aghast, and she was not kidding. The crumble was just too precious to her.

The next day, after at least 1/3 of the crumble was gone–(Oh, Internet. It is so easy to lie to you. My better angel tells me that slightly more than 1/2 of the crumble had been dispatched)–she suggested that I make another one. That day. In fact, I only just managed to stop her as she was collecting her purse and heading out the door to buy more blueberries. I told her she was crazy.

I haven’t told her about the #2 above yet. Who could withstand the harrassment? But that is the recipe weighing most heavily on my mind at the moment. I have an 8X8 inch pan and peaches and other delicious stone fruits on hand (in the last week, the Fiend has purchased peaches, nectarines and plums in an attempt to encourage another tart). It feels like destiny.



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2 responses to “The problem with food blogs

  1. Badger

    Unstoppable Sugar Fiend will never let you move out. Never.

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