I crumbled.

I do not know why I can’t write this post.

Short story: I saw this recipe and filed it away as looking delicious and something I wanted to make soonish. With end of blueberry season fast approaching, I knew it would have to be soon. Enter Friday, when I had some time– and just slightly less than 2 pints of blueberries– on my hands. Opportunity was a-knocking, and I answered the call.

I made a few modifications to the recipe:

  1. I substituted 4oz neufchatel cream cheese for 4oz of the butter. (This was an idea I got from Madam Chow, and it worked wonderfully in the peach tart I made a little while back.) I thought it was an awesome modification to this recipe as well. I had intended to sub out only about 2oz of the butter. But when I saw that the cream cheese was not preventing the flour from crumbling nicely, I just couldn’t resist adding more. (It didn’t hurt that I had almost an entire opened package of the cream cheese left, which I was looking to use up.)
  2. I also subbed 1.5 cups whole wheat pastry flour for 1.5 cups of the all purpose.
  3. At the very last moment, I bailed on using the lemon zest in the crumble dough. I used the lemon juice on the blueberries, though. Someday I’ll get around to discussing my complicated relationship with lemon flavor.

Everybody loved the bars, and nobody seemed to notice the whole wheat or reduced butter. I’m sure the bars would have been more delectable with all butter and all white flour. But, they were still so good, the modifications didn’t feel like a sacrifice at all.

p.s. These photos are rudimentary and crass.  You should really check out the photos at Smitten Kitchen.  If they don’t make you salivate, you are probably not alive.



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5 responses to “I crumbled.

  1. Badger

    Nice. So is this a special feature, that you can link 4 pictures in a cube?

    I find it fascinating that pastry flour used to be quite difficult to get hold of. I had to mix my own. And then whole wheat pastry flour is in almost everything now (even in modified recipes). Is this because of WF?

    Speaking of blueberries, i had less than a pint this season because of increased pricing. sigh.

  2. Maggie

    I haven’t had a problem locating ww pastry flour. I did get the latest bag at Whole Foods. I’ll keep my eyes open and see if I see it around other places. I am having trouble locating cake flour (white) though, but I haven’t checked WF. (is that the same as white pastry flour?). I think I’ve made cake flour myself before in small quantities (adding cornstarch?), but I thought it would be handy just to buy a bag.

    I would pay anything (not exactly true) for in season blueberries. Some were so so good.

    I don’t think the photos are a special feature. I just keep adding the photos next to one another (without spacing) and it seems to stick that way.

  3. Badger

    Where else have you gotten pastry flour? Cake flour is not the same as pastry flour. Three parts plain flour and 1 part cake flour = pastry flour. I get my cake flour from King Arthur. Sometimes they run out of it. But yes, you can use the cornstarch method to get cake flour.

    Was your last picture differently colored yesterday? The blue here is very conspicuous.

  4. Maggie

    I think it was the same blue. Although I thought it also looked very bright. I took the picture outside.

    I don’t remember the other types of pastry flour I got but I’ll try to keep it in mind as a shop. I never paid much attention before.

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