A bit more food nostaglia

I made Nancy Silverton’s Pappardelle with Bagna Cauda, Wilted Radicchio and an Olive-Oil-Fried Egg

today, as sort of a brunch meal. This is much, much fancier than I usually cook or eat. It has anchovies in it! I think this was the first time I even touched anchovies to be perfectly honest. They are certainly not the most pleasant-looking food.

I only found the recipe last night, and that was by accident. But when I saw it, I knew I wanted to at least try it–despite the anchovies– because it reminded me a great lunch I had in Barcelona last year. At the time (and even now, actually) I had no idea idea what I was ordering, but what I ended up with was a runny fried egg on top of a crispy, french-fry like base. The base was sort of like a mix between fries and potato stix in terms of texture. It also had some kind of mildly spicy, chili sauce mixed into it. The whole thing was unexpected and delicious. So the idea of having the runny yolk of egg run through egg noodles was very appealing.

It’s a pretty easy recipe to put together for something with such a fancy name. I cut down on some of the oil and didn’t use parsley (because I hate it). I also didn’t bother with the cheese, but it might try the dish with a bit of parmigiana next time for the sake of complexity.

I think the Bagna Cauda has potential. But in my rush to make it (it was 2 pm and I still hadn’t eaten yet), I accidentally added the juice and zest of 1 whole lemon, instead of 1/2 a lemon. That’s kind of a lot of lemon, and it ruined the dish. Anything that might have been subtle about the anchovies or garlic or radicchio flavors was washed away by the overpowering lemon taste. Such a pity. I did manage to eat my egg and some of the pasta. I had it with a slice of the light whole wheat bread, and it’s a hearty meal. I’ll try it again because it does have the potential to be great. I might change out the radicchio for spinach or something similar. It seemed kind of too bitter to me. But then again, it was really hard to tell what was working with all the lemon squishing around. But I can’t complain. I got to try something really different and had a hearty, filling meal. This would be a great meal to have on a brisk fall morning, just before a really long hike. It’s the kind of thing that will keep you going.



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6 responses to “A bit more food nostaglia

  1. Badger

    Dude, you are so prolific. An entry per day this week! Impressive. I am really enjoying reading these. Is your family supportive?

    I am also supremely impressed that you decided to even try out anchovies. If I ever get to cook a meal for you, that’s one more ingredient in the plus list since there are so many already on the negative list (uh huh).

    Wow, I hadn’t thought of that Barcelona meal in a long time. I know you were slumped over by the time that dish was over. And that was only the appetizer. But that’s a great recipe. Thanks for the link and the book shoutout. Worth a look.

    And can I tell you, I have never seen such a lot of white in an egg before.

  2. Maggie

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    My sister would not eat it because of the anchovies. And my mother insisted on having an over-hard egg because she detests runny eggs more than anything. But my mother has been pushing hard for more peach tart and blueberry crumble (post to come) so she is very supportive that way. She is like an unstoppable sugar fiend.

    I had TOTALLY forgotten that that dish was only the appetizer. It is all I remember.

    And me too. I thought there was a tremendous amount of white in the egg. But I wasn’t sure it was unusual. I think what happened was that I jerked the pan accidentally just as I added the egg (I was trying to even out the oil) and it jerked the egg white every which way.

  3. Badger

    Well, if you are still struggling to remember, it was a menu del dia option and you had osso buco for the main meal. You know what’s fascinting? I don’t even remember what I ate at that meal but I remember all your options.

    Your ma may be an unstoppable sugar fiend. But she’s still a very adaptable model. She does food, architecture, crafts, and food.

  4. Maggie

    You are correct. And I didn’t care for the osso buco at all. What a memory you have. Do you remember the name of the place?

  5. Maggie

    You are like an elephant with the memory.

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