My Favorite Lunch

There is not much too it. But it’s filling and healthy and has been keeping my alive all summer. When we were getting zucchini from the garden it was even more delicious. I use black beluga lentils for protein.

They have become my favorite lentils. Badger (a/k/a Lentil Hater) should really try them. If you want my lunch to become your lunch, simply combine:

1/2 cup brown rice

1/4 cup beluga lentils (or any other lentil or bean you like)

1 cup vegetables (I switch between green beans and zucchini or I combine the two).

1 teaspoon vidalia onion salad dressing (for a bit of flavor but you could use anything you like or nothing at all)

Salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon toasted almond slivers (when I’m feeling fancy).

Too close? Can you smell it?



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3 responses to “My Favorite Lunch

  1. Badger

    See how I am so tuned in because of dreadful RSS? When I saw the lentils shoutout, I was going to comment that I hated them. But then you already did it for me.

    You predictor you.

    Dude, are you at home? Or do you have a stove top at work now that you’re closing in on King Solomon?

  2. Maggie

    I’m at work. And the stove is at home. I took the pic last night.

  3. JC2

    Angeline, I don’t like lentils either but those lentils are decent.

    Also, The pudding i feel is a cross between pudding and custard.
    Thank you and goodnight.

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