A growing obsession with pudding

I made this pudding yesterday. It was very good and simple, though next time I’d cut the sugar just a bit. It turns out, I really like making my own pudding. I’ve never been a huge pudding fan, but I think it’s because I’ve only had store bought stuff.

I ate the pudding with a peach oat crisp. I still sort of dream about the peach tart. Sigh. But I will have to move on, and I hoped this would be a good substitute (and a bit healthier). It’s decent, but it’s no buttery, crispy tart.

And this was the final result.

I will experiment a bit more with the idea of an oat crisp. It has not yet realized potential as a dessert.



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3 responses to “A growing obsession with pudding

  1. Badger

    I love pudding too.

    Who is the finger model? Is it you or did you force your mom?

    You cooked up a storm yesterday! Lentils and pudding. Is that homemade granola?

  2. Maggie

    Ha! That finger stump would be my own. No forced modeling this time.

    That’s not a proper granola. Just oats, some panko (I was supposed to use whole wheat bread crumbs but didn’t have any), and a bit of sugar. With a too small sprinkling of butter.

    I won’t be cooking again for a while. At least until Friday. I will subsisting on leftovers and Dr. Praeger’s burgers (love!) until then.

    But I am having an unseasonal hankering for red velvet cake. We’ll see what happens with that.

    Also, despite my favorite lunch post, I am going to have to start thinking about new lunch ideas as I’m getting tired of my few summer standbys. It is always very tense for me to think of new lunch possibilities. Someday I will do a post on the importance of loving your lunch. Until then, feel free to post recipe ideas for me at Badger!

  3. Badger

    i don’t know who dr. praeger is. i hope it’s not a charlatan.

    i love red velvet cake. i might just do a posting on that one day but i have to go make it and take a picture of it.

    i will be posting recipes at badger soon. dude, what are the copyright rules? is this fair use? or can we only post only if we have made alterations?

    i can’t believe it’s almost friday. actually, i thought tonight was thursday.

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