Not so neat, but delish.

Not so neat, but delish.

To atone for the marmalade disaster of last week’s galette, I decided to make another peach based tart-like thing. (Actually, I am absolutely addicted to this recipe. It is bad. I’d say anything for an excuse to make another.)

At the last minute, I decided to roll it out the dough for the tart pan instead. I’ve never done that before and was so so pleased how it came out. Doing it in a tart pan also gave me more room for fruit. I ran out of white peaches and instead added in 2 nectarines and some blueberries. I would use more nectarines next time. I don’t love them normally but they were excellent in the tart. I brushed the top with strawberry rhubarb jam. Unbearably delicious. The tart didn’t last the night (but I had some help eating it).

But now, it’s like I’ve been haunted. I can hear that tart calling out to me at odd hours. Actually, pretty much all of the Dorie recipes I’ve tried are like that. The chocolate pudding for instance. I have not stopped thinking about that pudding.



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11 responses to “Tart!

  1. Badger

    Dude, I LOVE LOVE your website. I love the layout. It is way way prettier than Google’s. We should share tips on what each site offers. Isn’t blogging addictive? I also LOVE the picture of the rotten binding.

    That’s a giant looking tart. A 10″? And a white table cloth?

  2. Badger

    Dude, why are you modering comments?

    You are a fascist.

  3. Badger

    Should we even bother with regular email?

  4. Maggie

    I didn’t mean to moderate the comments. I think it’s fixed now.

  5. Maggie

    And I see not the reason for regular email. This is way handier.

  6. Maggie

    I took the photo on the dining room table. It may be the perspective that makes it look enormous. The tart is actually not that giant. There’s a regular magazine sitting under it. So that’s the general size.

  7. Badger

    Are you assigning these avatars? Badger and Maggie look like insects. Now we just have to wait for CK to start something. She should start a law tutorial on whatever she’s currently tutoring.

  8. Maggie

    The avatars are chosen at random I think. But I picked the general theme. I may change it.

  9. JC2

    Hello, I will agree the crust of the tart was fabu and I don’t rememeber the fruit in it actually.

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